Paul Read

Teenage years in the 1950s spent in the Hampstead Everyman Cinema, catching beetles and identifying plants, lead to a degree in Botany and Chemistry and a research post with Kodak, followed by teaching film-makers across the world how to make colour feature films, an American university, then colour television news, and director of a film production company.

From 1979 a peripatetic consultant and project manager on film production and archive film restoration, for 20 years Technical Commissioner of Fédération Internationale des Archives du Film, based in Brussels, in later years mostly teaching in universities world-wide.

Moved to a small traditional Suffolk farm in 1979, later extended, with grass, sheep and fruit trees (many blown down in the 1987 gale!) and a county wildlife site. Developed a consultancy on trees in general, traditional orchard management and planting, delivering orchard management, fruit identification, and grafting courses. Chair of Suffolk Traditional Orchard Group, founder, with UEA, of the HLF Orchards East project, and a member of the national body Orchard Network.
124 Thorpe Road, Norwich, England, NR1 1RS
Company number 13275477
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