Plant to Compensate (Individual)


Sponsor the growing of trees to compensate for carbon emissions


Make a meaningful contribution to the environment and support a groundbreaking initiative by sponsoring our native, bio-secure trees that not only transform lives but also compensate for an average of 1 tonne of CO2e each. These trees are meticulously grown within prison nurseries through Seeding Hope's innovative program, providing therapeutic intervention and accredited horticultural qualifications to individuals seeking rehabilitation.

By sponsoring a Seeding Hope Carbon Compensation Tree, you're not just planting a tree – you're compensating for carbon emissions while positively impacting the well-being and skill development of those within the prison system. Our unique approach integrates the cultivation of dynamic and biodiverse native tree species with a comprehensive therapeutic framework. This framework, led by a team of experienced practitioners, addresses past patterns and mental health issues, fostering positive change for individuals while contributing to environmental sustainability.

Your sponsorship covers the cost of delivering this groundbreaking therapeutic program, ensuring that each tree planted represents a holistic journey towards rehabilitation and a significant offset of carbon emissions. Seeding Hope's evidence-based program captures the impact on mental health, behavior, and staff morale, providing a solid foundation for long-term objectives.

Support Seeding Hope's mission to grow people and trees while offsetting carbon emissions by sponsoring a Carbon Compensation Tree today. Join us in creating a closed loop of positive change, where the need for meaningful qualifications, the demand for trees, and the rehabilitation of individuals intersect to build a better and more sustainable future for us all.

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